How To Measure

Step 1. Measure Correctly

Always use a flexible measuring tape as this gets the most accurate measurement. Measure your dogs neck circumference not another collar. Flat length and circumference differ and your measurement will not be correct.

Step 2. Measure for your chosen collar

Once you have chosen your collar 'Fixed' or 'Slip' measure your dog around the appropriate part of their neck.

Fixed - Refer to the blue line, this is where the collar will naturally sit on your dog so measure snugly in this area. We do not add any extra room at this end so if you order 14" the inside circumference will be 14"when clipped together. (Please note the finished collar size unclipped will be much bigger than inner circumference size. Please do not put the flat length size of a collar as your dogs neck size, this will be too big)

Slip - Refer to the green line, measure closely round this area (but do not squeeze) as this will be where the knot is placed and the measurement of your collar when tension is applied and the collar 'closes'. We do not want the collar to choke the dog just to close enough it couldn't go over the dogs head. When no pressure is applied it widens and hangs loosely again. 

Tape Measure.jpg
Doberman Illustration

Fixed Collar Measurement

For fixed collars we use 8mm rope for 13" & under with a lighter clip & 10mm rope with a heavier duty clip for 14" +

Slip Collar Measurement 

For slip collars we use 8mm rope for 17" & under  and 10mm rope for 18" + as it creates a larger knot so is more suited for chunkier dogs