To ensure the best bespoke fit for your dog it's important to measure your size correctly to get the most from your custom collar.

Please do not measure your current collar like this. The circumference & length differ so this size will not be accurate  will result in an incorrect sized collar that will be too big & won't fit your dog.

Tartan Dog Collar Measure.jpg
Rope Dog Collar DNM.jpg

For Example this rope collar measures 17.5" lay flat

rope dog collar measuring.jpg

But the inner circumference measures only 15" so this collar will fit a 15" neck NOT a 17.5" neck.

Getting the Correct Neck Measurement

Option 1 - Measure directly from your dogs neck. It is best to let your dog sit comfortably and then measure with a flexible tape measure where you want the collar to sit. We do not add anything into this measurement so if you measure & submit 16"neck size, you will get a collar with 16" internal circumference.

Measuring for Rope Dog Collar.jpg

Option 2 - Measure directly inside a closed collar. If you have a well fitting collar this is a good option if your dog is difficult to measure and will mean you get the same fit as your current collar.

Step 1 - Fasten the collar to its current well fitting hole/clip and place it on a flat surface.

Step 2 - Measure the inside circumference of the collar making sure the tape measure sits flush with the inside of the collar.

Rope Dog Collar Measure.jpg

Slip Collars & ID Collars

These two Dog collar styles require the collar to be put on and taken off over the dogs head so we now require a second 'Head' measurement. This needs to be taken from the widest point of the head which is usually level with the ears.

For The ID collar the head measurement will be the inner circumference of your collar as it is non-adjustable. For the Slip Collar this will be the measurement of the collar when fully open and the neck measurement will be where the knot is placed.

Measuring Dog Collar.jpg
Doberman Illustration

Neck Measurement

Head Measurement

Required for Slip & Fixed Dog Collars

Required for Slip & ID Dog Collars