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Slip Collar

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The slip collar features two rings instead of a clip and goes easily over your dogs head. This collar is not a choke collar as the knot is placed at the size of your dogs neck. This means that when no tension is applied it will hang gently and relaxed around your dogs neck but when clipped to the lead and tension applied the ring will meet the knot. This creates a closer fit so the collar couldn't come over your dogs head. 

This collar is ideal for dogs who:

  • Slip their collars.

  • That walk anywhere near roads or where it is paramount they stay safe and with you.

  • Prefer a lightweight collar, these are our lightest ever collar weighing a mere 51g (weight based on a collar for a medium sized dog)

  • Don't like things being clipped around them or the sound.

  • Enjoy the water and mud.

Not ideal for dogs who:

  • Don't like things going over their heads

Fixed Collar


The fixed collar features a clip and a ring and simply attaches around your dogs neck by clipping together. This creates a fixed length that doesn't change when in use or not.

This collar is ideal for dogs who:

  • Are walked off leash most of the time or walk nicely on the leash and don't try to slip their collar.

  • Enjoy the mud and water. (Once washed this can be clipped to the washing line to air dry)

  • Don't like things going over their head.

  • Have finished growing so their neck size won't change.

Not ideal for dogs who:

  • Slip their collars.

  • Are still growing as they aren't adjustable.

Classic Leash

This simple leash has a set length of 1.2m approx and features a handle and clip. A ring is added to the handle for clipping over your shoulder while the dog runs free.


Adjustable Leash

This leash is 2m in length and features two rings and two clips and allows the leash to be adjusted to 2 different lengths depending on which ring the clip is attached to. These knots can be adjusted to where you would like them.


Hunter Leash

This leash has an integrated collar which allows for quick putting on and taking off. This is ideal for dogs who don't wear a collar, sports dogs or for those quick trips out. We take your dogs neck measurement and place two stopper knots which the ring can move between. This stops strangulation and the rope getting too open and loose.