A Trip Down Memory Lane

If you've seen the Millie & Bailey instagram you will have noticed our series of posts with the longest # ever of #theonlytimeyoushouldeverlookbackistoseehowfaryouvecome phew that took some typing.

I chose this to give me a focus for my posts rather then 'here is a lovely collar I made, have a nice day' . Captions can be so hard to think of out of thin air and hours can be spent on one post and this just isn't a smart use of your time people!

So back to memory lane, get your wellies on there's sticky mud and branches down here but it gets better I promise, like your journey will too.

My first post showed you our adjustable fabric collars which we had a range of printed cottons and tartan collars.

Our First ever Tartan Fabric which can still be found in the shop today and is stocked in stores across the UK. (With improvements of course)

Our Tweed & Tartan have evolved to the beautiful Collars they have become today with improvements from the webbing we use, our standard patented Aluminium hardware which is the leading industry standard. (If your collar has these clips it has numbers and a trademark on the back of them, If it doesn't use with caution). Right down to new improved thread and fully woven labels (no plucking here) to name a few.

Our next post showed you our rope collar journey which only started a few years ago but I love making them and these are my go to collar (Sorry Tweed I love you too) Lets take a look!

This was my first ever rope collar I made. We had wooden tags (which I still think are cute to be fair ) and the whipping was made from waxed cord from when we did cotton rope. It wasn't exactly what I wanted but you have to start somewhere to find what works and what doesn't. I quickly progressed these to full weatherproof fully functioning models, but it wasn't until the last 12 months I feel I've really found my 'style'.

Fast forward to today......

We have a stunning range of rope dog collars available in 3 tried and tested designs and 3 dog lead styles all fully customisable. I have found a rope weave style I love that looks and feels the quality you deserve, colours that will never fade, brass hardware to die for and our countryside enthusiasm can be seen throughout the designs. These collars are fused, stitched and sealed to your dogs bespoke measurements. This makes them a little more time consuming to make but they are totally worth it.

Our final post talked about photography! Having only started to study it properly during lockdown its amazing what a difference putting some time into learning a skill can make. Take a look for yourself.......

Our first ever photo posted to Millie & Bailey facebook back in 2015 with my little darlings all with their Tweed Collars on that you really cannot see! (but the dogs look cute right) Probably taken with sort of smart phone from way back then. They're all in the photo which is an achievement in its own right so we will give me a 4/10.

Then another year on Bailey is modelling a star print collar taken with my dads old Nikon DLSR when I wanted to have a go at a 'proper shoot'. All photos were taken in the cameras full auto mode ,which hasn't done a terrible job to be fair (there is definitely nothing wrong with auto when you are starting out). 22 year old me was thrilled with this awkward angle and wonky horizon with Bailey mid chewing grass so good for her. Purely on artistic vibe 6/10.

Fast forward to today and I am thrilled to be able to produce good quality images that show off the products to the best of their ability with the correct colour and lighting modelled by my beloved pooches. Through this journey I have managed to take some beautiful pictures of our cocker and springer spaniel which are now displayed throughout the house.

If you have read this far well done! If this gives just one person the feeling to go and have a go at something or not give up on what they are working on, it was worth the time I spent writing this post and showing you nitty gritty not so pretty stuff from how we started.

Until next time :)


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