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Hello and welcome to our first Blog post! My name is Natalie and I never thought in a million years I'd be writing a blog, like who would want to listen to little old me!

My aim is to hopefully not bore you to death but give you a better insight into the Millie & Bailey Brand, our Dog Collars, leads and other products and how we came about.

There are lots of people setting up new businesses during the pandemic, in all sorts of different industries. I hope within this blog to provide some knowledge and a few insights into how you can get set up whatever your chosen venture too.

The camera is not my friend and its so easy to avoid it right? But I hope along this journey to put myself out there in the roaring sea out of my comfort zone. My first step is sharing a photo of me and Harvey our beloved cocker spaniel who spent so long licking my face by the time the self timer took it I couldn't stop laughing but Harvey looks proud as punch!

My next post will take us a trip down memory lane and show you guys how I got started & how my products & photo's looked back in 2015 when I first started. Hopefully this insight will show why you shouldn't think you're not good enough (we all start somewhere) and how Millie & Bailey has grown to this day.

See you then!


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