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Its been a while since I last wrote an update my plan has been to write a blog to explain the rope dog collars a little more as there's a few choices now. I always try to keep my choices limited at times as I think it can be overwhelming for the customer or you simply can't decide so end up buying nothing. Sound familiar?. However with the rope range I feel the colour choices aren't overwhelming and its nice to choose a style of collar that suits your needs and the 3 choices have all been really popular so I'm glad I finally rolled it out and the checkout process makes sense now.

I had a week off my 'main' job last week and I managed to practice a little with the camera and a get a few pictures of the dogs to work with. It was super busy with orders so the new colours are still sat in the pipeline and with 3 shops needing restocking we have had to close our doors temporarily for orders as there is only little me behind the machines so I can't take on anymore and don't like keeping any of you waiting when you've passed you hard earned money over.

Ill leave you with a few pictures from my trip to Macclesfield forest with the dogs and keep on eye on our social media for when we reopen the shop and you can purchase your bespoke, handmade dog collar again. :)

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